Loudspeaker stand




Model 4

Solid Tech loudspeaker stands materials have been selected with outmost care to combine in harmony stability and aesthetically design. The stands have the same design pattern as the one used in Solid Tech’s rack systems. Several different models are available, each with a distinct design. Filling the stands with sand will improve performance as the sand causes stability that increases  the low level sound dynamics. The stands come with spikes in the bottom to avoid any floor resonance. Most models come with a cable handling system integrated in the pillars.

Loudspeaker stand Product Portfolio

Loudspeaker Stand Model 6

Loudspeaker stand model 6 has a modern look and feel utilizing extrusions as feet instead of the traditional MDF or concrete foot. The stand uses  two pillars and four extrusions as foot, this makes the stand very stable and rigid. The stands can be filled with sand to gain further stability. It is available in two height of 660mm or 760mm. The top plate is made of anodized aluminum and measures 170x230mm. Available colors are silver and black.