Cable rack

Cable Rack

The Cable Rack with three cable carriers

Most of us have a bad conscience about what we have behind our dear HIFI systems. One of our most expensive investments is in a big mess…

Usually in the beginning, when our precious is just installed we try to keep the cables quite straight and in some kind of order. With time, once we start adding new equipments and we upgrade with even more expensive cables, it is not so easy to keep control of the situation behind the rack and it does not help that we in most cases buy longer cables than what we really need…. you know, to be on the safe side! Here follows some more reasons why using the Cable Rack:

Cable Carrier

• Reduction of the inductance interference caused by the cables in close contact.

• Reduction of the cable vibrations due to electricity or from the equipment when the cable is placed in the Cable Carriers memory foam.

• Reduction of  the risk of cable breakage due to its weight as the Cable Rack provides good support close to the connector.

By using the Cable Rack you will experience less tonal highlighting and masking, cleaner transient, better dynamic, response, wider and deeper soundstage, increased low level information as well as tighter and silkier bass.

Cable Carrier integrated in Hybrid Rack

The racks come with a certain number Cable Carriers included but it can be extended with more carriers if needed.

Cable Rack behind Rack of Silence

The Cable Rack can handle cables of a maximum diameter of 3,5 cm. To combine different sizes of cables in the same carrier is possible but the difference should preferably not be more than 1 cm in diameter. If the difference is larger than 1 cm it is recommended to use one carrier for the thick size and another for thin cables.

The Cable Carrier can be integrated in the Standard Hybrid rack on the very same pillars. 

Product portfolio Cable Rack

Cable Rack 645mm height

Picture: Cable rack with 645mm black corner pillars, black top lid, 4x black cable carrier, black Feet-kit

Also available in the following configurations:

  • Heights: 875, 645, 325, 250mm (custom length is also possible)
  • Pillars colors: black or silver pillars
  • Top lid: black or white
  • Cable carrier: black or silver
  • Feet kit: extrusion with black feet or silver extrusions with silver feet

Cable carriers included:

  • 875mm height pillars: 4 units
  • 645mm height pillars: 3 units
  • 325mm height pillars: 2 units
  • 250mm height pillars: 1 unit

Extra cable carriers are available as extra accessory.