The Hybrid Series

Hybrid Wood with isolation shelves

At the Solid Tech workshop the pursuit for perfection never stops. Born from childhood passion and developed from our long heritage of engineering ingenuity, the Hybrid rack series, Hybrid Standard, Hybrid Wood and Hybrid Full Length, was designed for one purpose: to be the definitive representation of Solid Tech’s world renowned craftsmanship.

Hybrid Full Length with isolation shelves and cable carriers

With more than twenty years experience in high-end A/V rack manufacturing, including the award winning Rack of Silence and Radius rack, we developed the Solid Tech’s Hybrid. Precision made, dynamic and designed to accomodate the best and continuously changing A/V systems as well as making an impression visually in the interior context.

Hybrid Standard with veneered shelves

Four building blocks

Hybrid Standard corner pillars

Ingenuity is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. The design process has revealed that only four building blocks are necessary to perfectly adapt the rack design to most A/V systems. The four building blocks are comprised of the shelf-kit, 200mm corner-pillars, 275mm corner-pillars and finally the 350mm corner-pillars. Hybrid Full Length has full length corner pillars of 670 and 900mm.

Hybrid shelves

The shelves have the size 490x435mm and are available in many different options such as painted MDF, veneered and in concrete. The veneered, black and white painted shelves are CNC milled from 19mm high quality MDF with high internal damping. The veneered shelves are available in highest quality veneer in oak, black oak, walnut and cherry. The Concrete shelf is 22mm thick and will make the rack heavy and the look works both in a modern and classical house interior. The veneered and concrete shelves are bottom fixed meanwhile the MDF painted shelves are top fixed.


Naturally the stackable block design allows for adding, subtracting or changing at any given time. The block design does not only offer endless flexibility but also ensures isolation between every shelf for enhanced performance. Resonances and vibrations are minimised by the felt-padded isolation disc made from brass which create the necessary joint which stops the expansion of unwanted movements (resonances/vibrations).The engineering ingenuity and flexibility continues with the ability to horisontally expand the modules.

Hybrid Standard in 9 shelf-kit example design
Hybrid Standard corner pillars with the two cross dowel slots

All corner-pillars include two cross-dowel slots which enable unlimited expandability to easily adapt every combination from single rack use up to more complex fully fledged A/V configurations.

With literally four tubes in a tube we dare to say that our own and unique aluminum extrusion corner-pillar design has the highest stiffnes to weight ratio in the industry. The internal bracing of the corner-pillar not only stiffens the design it also keep the resonances at a very low amplitude.

Sand filled

All three Hybrid racks corner pillars can be filled with sand

Additionally the corner-pillars can be filled with sand to further enhance the rack support and create a practically dead acoustic foundation.

Extrusions in silver and black anodizing

Our own developed and oversized aluminum extrusion shelf console is a framework design which not only support the shelf, it makes it more rigid keeping the resonances at a low level. The consoles are available and anodized in either black or silver finish,

Suspension system

Hybrid Wood top shelf suspension
Hybrid Isolation Shelf in walnut

In order to cancel out all undesired vibrations coming from external or internal sources is a suspension system of course part of the rack series. The system is divided in three product options:

  • Top shelf isolation system
  • Isolation shelf-kit
  • Isolation shelf-kit HD
Hybrid Isolation shelf-kit HD

“Top shelf suspension” and “Isolation shelf-kit HD” using a well acknowledged isolation method similar to the one used in the Disc of Silence. This isolation system can uphold as much as 180 kg weight. The “Isolation shelf-kit” is using compression springs and can be loaded with a maximum weight of 45kg.

Infinitely adjustable

Hybrid Standard corner pillar and extrusion

The pillar design with its two cross-dowel slots cater for infinitely adjustable shelf positions.

Cable Carriers

Cable Carrier in black or silver

The Cable Carrier is not only to keep the cables in order but also to protect the cable connectors from breaking, avoid static electricity, vibrations as well as floor dust.

Turntable and Sideboard

Turntable shelf

The Hybrid Series also include both a turntable shelf and a sideboard. The turntable shelf comes for Hybrid Standard in either Black and white painted MDF or with carbon finish. For Hybrid Wood the shelf is made of a sandwich board in order to decrease the shelf’s ringing sound. These shelves are veneered in oak, walnut and cherry.


The purpose of a sideboard is to keep the equipment shelves clean from accessories such as remote control, RIA amp or CD covers.

Duo Shelf

For HIFI enthusiasts that prefer side by side rack is also a extra long shelf available covering two sections of the Hybrid modules.

Duo shelf and Isolation shelf-kit in a side-by-side rack

Framework design

These combinations are just a few of the options possible with the four building blocks design. Let your imagination and personal needs customise the design best suitable and optimum for you.

Several ways of mounting the Hybrid Rack series
Isolation shelf-kit and Cable Carrier
Isolation shelf-kit HD

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Hybrid Product Configurator