Feet of Balance


Experience your audio system’s true potential with the next generation of isolators for floorstanding speakers. Feet of Balance combines mechanical isolation and magnetic damping to improve sound clarity and fidelity across all frequencies.


Feet of Balance are sold in package of four

Unlike most isolation systems with a fixed load capacity, ours allows for precise adjustments to your speakers’ weight. Each foot of the Feet of Balance features seven spring slots, with springs that are easily removable and exchangeable for precise support adjustment. Three types of springs are included to fine-tune the optimal load. For optimal performance, it’s critical that the load closely matches the system’s maximum load capacity, ideally between 90% and 100%. If the load drops to only 80% of the maximum, the efficiency of the suspension system significantly decreases, potentially degrading rather than improving the sound experience.


The Feet of Balance feature a patented solution that combines mechanical suspension with seven interchangeable springs and magnetic damping from seven high-capacity neodymium magnets to dampen the spring suspension. Listening and measurement tests confirm that this combination significantly improves decay times while maintaining high-level vibration isolation (85-95%). The incorporated pivotal spike minimizes the contact surface between the speaker and the floor. This design achieves highly desired acoustic decoupling, reducing vibration transmission to nearby furniture and floors. As a result, it effectively prevents unwanted resonances that can severely degrade sound quality, ensuring a cleaner and more authentic listening experience.


The Feet of Balance have undergone rigorous listening and measurement tests. We have evaluated the product’s isolation and decay efficiency, and have also conducted comparisons with alternative solutions. The results confirm the product’s impact on reducing disturbances and its ability to deliver a pristine audio environment.

The feet are preloaded with four HD springs as indicated in position D (see below). Additional springs in order to load any of the below configurations are included with the Feet of Balance. The Feet of Balance should be positioned with the logo towards the front of the speaker and springs should be loaded into the isolator as “Spring position A-J” as indicated in below pictures and table. The Speakers should be have stiffer springs in the same axis as the cone to align the isolation feet with the speaker’s motive forces.