Year after year Solid Tech products are recognised and not seldomly awarded. Here are some of the articles and reviews published

Test of Solid Tech Rack of Silence Czech audio magazine HiFi-Voice, January 2023

Test of Rack of Silence

Rack of Silence REFERENCE won the product of the year 2022 in the category ACCESSORIES OF THE YEAR: For the most aurally and measurably effective rack solution we have encountered so far.

Rack of Silence Awarded product of the year

We are proud to announce that the Radius Solo was awarded the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2014”, by the Japanese Audio Accessory Magazine

6 Moon

In conclusion, we have to confess that we really like the simplicity and flexibility offered by this Solid Tech Radius design and the sonic qualities introduced by it are outstanding. Many far more expensive racks look more impressive perhaps but cannot meet its sonic improvements. In combination with some of the ingenious IsoClear footers, the Radius seems damn hard to beat at its price. Hence we nominate it for a Blue Moon Award for Applied Right of Springs.
– 6 Moon

Positive Feedback

Used with or without the Feet Of Silence, it brought improvements beyond what my other racks offered, improvements that I wouldn’t want to be without.
– Positive Feedback

Stereo Times

The Rack of Silence, Disc of Silence and Feet of Silence creates that perfect blend of a lively dynamic range, and textural ease and coherency, yielding a complete sonic image that is just plain addictive. If you can put aside the years of conditioning your belief system that mass is the only way to go, then the Rack of Silence will reward you with its many sonic benefits and set you apart from the run of the mill, ho-hum designs your audio buddies have settled for.
– Stereo Times

Audio Review Singapore


Bild & Ljud test

Men en sak är säker: båda möblerna för- bättrar ljudkvaliteten markant jämfört med bil- liga stereomöbler, som definitivt inte hör hem- ma i en High End-anläggning!
– Bilde & Ljud

HiFi News

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I can´t recommend them highly enough
– Ken Kessler (HiFiNews)


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But how do all these components work in practice? The simple answer is that they work like a charm. From the moment I installed the Rack of Silence system and its associated modules I was not only treated to an across-the-board reduction in my system’s noise floor—replete with noticeably deeper and “blacker” backgrounds—but also to newfound layers of low-level transient and textural details. I frankly wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of improvement I heard, both on analog and digital playback.




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After having used many different types of footers, I am cautious of making any absolute conclusions that any one is necessarily better than all others for all applications. Leaving comparisons aside, these Discs of Silence work well in most applications.

– AudioFi


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What the Feet of Silence do is make the sound more transparent setting the soundstage even further back behind the speakers. The FOS make the sound more relaxed and rounder. The bass expands and there seems to be more of it and you hear more of the bass fundamental. This is proven by tests conducted by Solid Tech that shows a lowered noise floor caused from using the feet and other associated equipment such as their racks.



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