The thing with our products

What is the issue with vibrations

Nowadays, most audiophiles are aware of the supporting materials influence on the musical reproduction. Reason for that is the resonance response that all gears such as amplifiers, CD players as well as D/A converters etc. are permitted to generate, causing coloration and masking of the musical reproduction in the frequency spectrum where the material and the coupling resonance appear.

Traditional solutions

Traditional solutions, that uses some from of rubber puck or a cone trying to achieve better low level information, improved soundstage, increased separation of instruments, more detailed overtone spectrum or a better transient response but realize that there are no mayor improvement. All that happens is a tonal shift, with accentuation of a specific frequency area. This might affect the tonal balance of the system, and in some situations it might be beneficial.

What we wanted to achieve

With more than 15 years of experience in optimising high end audio reference systems, we wanted to developed and design an audio support system that is not merely a carrier or holder of equipment, but rather an important component in the system. By implementing highly efficient isolation and resonance control system, we allow the audio system to unhindered reproduce all the emotional and expressional qualities of the music. Using a support system without a tone or signature of its own make listening a truly High-End experience.

Fill the corner pillars with sand

All our racks corner pillars are made with hallow aluminum in order for the user to fill these with sand. The sand will make the sound less clinical and more interesting. The base will become more full-bodied and warm and you will achieve the desired live feeling.

The sand should be around 0,25mm in diameter, dry and loosely packed for best performance as sand with this diameter will vibrate in such a way that the lower level vibrations will be transformed into heat.

Full performance of our racks is achieved by combining vibration isolation and filling the corner pillars with sand.