The usage of spikes is necessary and well known for increasing the sound quality extensively. However in order to protect the floor and complete the look of the rack or loudspeaker stand, a foot is necessary. Solid Tech has a portfolio of three different floor protectors each with its different feature and design to satisfy each listeners desire.

Floor Protector

The standard “Floor Protector” is made of anodized aluminum with a brass insert to avoid any non-desired resonance or ringing.

Spike Fixed Floor Protectors

The “Spike Fixed Floor Protector” has the spike fixed to its body so that the rack or loudspeaker stand can be freely moved without scratching the floor.

Feet of Concrete

The “Feet of Concrete” have an inbuilt isolation that are designed to absorb and decouple the rack and the very sensitive equipment from both static electricity as well as vibrations.

Feet product Portfolio

Floor protectors silver anodized

Aluminum floor protector is engineered and designed in order to protects your floor but also reduce the amount of vibrational energy going into the rack.