Balance is developed to color the sound as little as possible. The great stability is achieved by using thick high-density shelves and corner posts that can be filled with sand.

Balance is the winner in the Accessory HIFI category in the famous HIFI+ magazine. Read the full review here:

Link to the Balance review

Balance 3 Single Iso in Tobacco Oak

The shelves are 22mm thick with a very high load capacity. The shelves are available with or without built-in isolation. The isolation system effectively decouples the equipment from external or internal vibrations.

Balance Iso Double in Black Oak

Balance stand is based on the same corner post as our Radius stand and offers the same scalability, which means you can build the stand both horizontally and vertically with the four well-chosen post lengths, namely 65.5; 150; 234.5 and 319 mm.

Balance with its retracted corner pillars are designed to primarily give as much highlight to the equipment as possible. The shelves are made of waxed oak to preserve the natural wooden feel and corner posts in black or silver anodized aluminum

Four shelf color variants are available:

1. Silk oak 2. White oak 3. Black oak 4. Tobacco oak

Balance 3 Double with Iso shelves, silk oak and silver anodized corner pillars

Balance Product Portfolio

Balance isolation system

The Balance isolation system consist of four isolation units that has been integrated in the bottom and top of a shelf. Each units consist of seven removable springs. A user can maximize his isolation shelf performance by removing the amount of springs in order to optimize the vibration isolation for the equipment pending the weight and its distribution over the top shelf surface in order for the equipment to be perfectly leveled. With all seven springs mounted the shelf can uphold a weight of 45kg. If further weight is needed to supported heavy equipments is an HD (High Density) spring available as an accessory and then if all seven springs are exchange on all four units (28 springs), the isolation shelf can uphold as much as 100kg. On all Balance isolation shelves is a bubble level integrated to make it easy for the user to keep his system leveled.

Balance load table for Standard spring and HD spring

Balance isolation shelf at 50Hz and a load of 30kg compared with an un-isolated shelf

Read more here about the principles why you will improve sound quality by isolating each equipment independently from internal and external low frequency vibrations: