Base of Silence

Base of Silence

Base of Silence in Walnut

Base of Silence is a standalone isolation shelf that has the purpose to decouple any kind of hifi equipment from undesired vibrations. Use this base as a stand-alone isolator on top of any HIFI rack system or use it as an amplifier stand straight on the floor.

The isolation system contains four separate isolator units, and the foot of the isolator has a cork protection. Each isolation unit can be loaded with 12 springs pending on the load, meaning a maximum of 48 springs in one base.

Isolation unit

The base will be prepared for a load of maximum 90 kg. Extra springs can be added and increase the maximum load to as much as 180 kg.  The minimum load to give a noticeable isolation effect is 8 kg.

Base of Silence has a size of 435x495x60-70mm (17,1×19,5×2,4-2,8In) and is available in twelve different variants. Two base colors, black or white and the top shelf is available in 6 different lacquers or veneers (black, white, walnut, cherry, oak, black oak).

To ensure the board is leveled adequately, it has a bubble level integrated on the top shelf.

• 30kg loaded on the isolated shelf. The shelf has 4 isolators with 3 springs per isolator.
• Peak improvement with isolation:  87%
• Vibration source is situated below the object and the sensor is situated above the object

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