Why decoupling from vibrations

Nowadays, most audiophiles are aware of the supporting materials influence on the musical reproduction. Reason for that is the resonance response that all gears such as amplifiers, CD players as well as D/A converters etc. are permitted to generate, causing coloration and masking of the musical reproduction in the frequency spectrum where the material and the coupling resonance appear.

Traditional solutions

Traditional solutions, that uses some from of rubber puck or a cone trying to achieve better low level information, improved soundstage, increased separation of instruments, more detailed overtone spectrum or a better transient response but realize that there are no mayor improvement. All that happens is a tonal shift, with accentuation of a specific frequency area. This might affect the tonal balance of the system, and in some situations it might be beneficial.

What we wanted to achieve

With more than 15 years of experience in optimising high end audio reference systems, we wanted to developed and design an audio support system that is not merely a carrier or holder of equipment, but rather an important component in the system. By implementing highly efficient isolation and resonance control system, we allow the audio system to unhindered reproduce all the emotional and expressional qualities of the music. Using a support system without a tone or signature of its own make listening a truly High-End experience.

Disc of Silence


Feet of Silence

The Disc of Silence is the ultimate set of isolators for heavy amplifiers and unevenly distributed loads. The height is adjustable to provide easy installation and precise levelling.

Tech details: For optimal isolation should each disc be loaded with a minimum 5 kg. A set of 3 discs effectively isolates 15-35 kg, or up to 70 kg with optional extra three springs per isolator. The HD variant uses maximum 12 springs pre unit and with a max load of 45 kg per isolator.

ISO Black offers ease-of-use and high-end performance at an affordable price. An extensive vibration analysis made by an independent institute clearly shows its effectiveness even at the lowest and most offending audio frequencies.

Tech details: Optimized for equipment from 5-15 kg and by adding extra springs allowing additional support of 11 kg per foot.

Feet of silence is our most revolutionary isolator. The extreme isolation capability both vertically and horizontally makes this our state of the art isolator for medium weight equipment.

Tech details: Using light springs each isolator can isolate a maximum weight of 3kg. If applying the HD springs each isolator can isolate a maximum weight of 6kg. 

Our measurement result

Solid Tech measure always the affect of using our decoupling technology. However the final proof of the pudding is of course to use our ears to verify that this is not just humble bumble but instead the rack and its isolation really make a big difference.

In the graph below we have measured the “Feet of Silence” isolation efficiency. The result is as much as 92% decrease of vibration is the frequency of 50 Hz. You can read about our measurement analysis result and how they are performed in the PDF below.

Detailed description of our Isolators

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