Hybrid Full Length

Hybrid Full Length with TT-shelf, Isolation shelves, Hybrid Isolation, cable carriers and Feet of Concrete

“Hybrid full length” is a ultra rigid solution that offers corner-pillars in full length. Available lengths are 670 and 900 mm.

The Hybrid Full Length rack consists  of 900 or 670 mm Corner-Pillars, the Hybrid-Shelf-Kit or Hybrid-Isolation-Shelf-kit and a dedicated Hybrid turn table shelf supported by the unsurpassed Hybrid Isolation System (optional).

In the 900 mm version the total available space between the three shelf trays is 680 mm (using standard shelves). The user can freely determine the amount of shelves to use pending the equipment sizes, as the shelves are fully adjustable along the corner-pillar length.

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Cable Clamp for Hybrid and Rack of Silence

The "Cable Clamp" for Hybrid and Rack of Silence will organaize and hide any cable very efficiently behind the posts of the rack.

No need to dismantle anything, just push in a screw feedthrough in the track on the Hybrid or Rack of Silence corner pillars and then add the clamp and fix it with a screw.
The Clamp is made of soft steel and can hold any cable up to 35mm in diameter.
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In each package of Cable Clamp are 5 pcs of cable clamps included.