Hybrid Wood Product Portfolio

Hybrid Wood 3 Shelf-kit design with isolation shelf-kit HD in Walnut

Hybrid stacked and arranged as a conventional rack

  • Concrete/black Isolation shelves HD
  • Corner pillars 350+275+200mm (walnut)
  • Walnut top shelf
  • Corner pillars for top shelf has integrated isolation
  • Spike Fixed Floor Protectors

Hybrid Wood here in walnut and Hybrid Isolation shelf-kit HD in concrete. Top shelf in walnut with Hybrid wood isolation system.

Isolation is very important as it is no doubt it will enhance the sound quality extensively.

Isolation Shelves will effectively damp the equipment both from internal as well as external vibrations using two shelves with a mechanical suspension isolation system in-between.
The advantage of the Hybrid Isolation Shelf is that each module will be individually isolated and the rack will keep its stability.

The Hybrid isolation shelves bottom shelf is available in black as well as white. The top shelf is available in black, white, walnut, cherry, oak, black oak and concrete. Extrusions in black and silver.

The Concrete material is selected due to its excellent audio characteristics and high density that will increase the rack's stability. Unlike the body of a musical instrument, good audio racks should not vibrate, as modern drivers today render the full sound spectrum linearly. But if the rack itself does vibrate due to its construction or materials, then those vibrations affect performance by amplifying or diminishing certain sympathetic frequencies within the sound spectrum. It is a complicated physical process with a simple and clearly audible consequence.

  • Concrete is very heavy that will give the rack more stability
  • Its weight and high density prevent it from vibrating
  • Concrete is irregularly structured that will prevent vibrations to be spread

Concrete is also a beautiful natural material that works in most house styles, modern as well as classic. There are no visible screw heads and the consoles are isolated with cork to avoid any potential tone or “singing". Each shelf is handmade and will thus slightly differ from one another.BUY NOW