Hybrid Standard

Solid Tech’s Hybrid comes from a long heritage of award winning rack engineering and features all the top state-of-the-art engineering qualities that you would expect.

Picture: Hybrid built with three Isolation shelf-kits, corner pillars and extrusion in black anodized aluminum. Top shelf with isolation, Cable carriers and the Spike Fixed Floor Protectors.
Picture: Hybrid building blocks (shelf-kit and corner pillars) 

The Hybrid’s latest developments allow flexibility like never before. Starting for example with a 4-shelf vertical rack you can easily reassemble with the focus on horizontal expansion such as a 2-shelf racks side by side. If needed later, you can build vertically again while keeping the horizontal foundation from earlier. With this type of flexibility there are endless of options to explore, meaning you can design the optimum A/V rack and tweak according to any changes you wish to make without any loss of platform-stability. Hybrid pillars and extrusions are available in silver or black anodized aluminum.

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Hybrid Product Configurator

Hybrid Product Configurator

Hybrid Product portfolio

Cable Clamp for Hybrid and Rack of Silence

The "Cable Clamp" for Hybrid and Rack of Silence will organaize and hide any cable very efficiently behind the posts of the rack.

No need to dismantle anything, just push in a screw feedthrough in the track on the Hybrid or Rack of Silence corner pillars and then add the clamp and fix it with a screw.
The Clamp is made of soft steel and can hold any cable up to 35mm in diameter.
See instruction movie here:


In each package of Cable Clamp are 5 pcs of cable clamps included.