Loudspeaker stand




Model 4

Solid Tech loudspeaker stands materials have been selected with outmost care to combine in harmony stability and aesthetically design. The stands have the same design pattern as the one used in Solid Tech’s rack systems. Several different models are available, each with a distinct design. Filling the stands with sand will improve performance as the sand causes stability that increases  the low level sound dynamics. The stands come with spikes in the bottom to avoid any floor resonance. Most models come with a cable handling system integrated in the pillars.

Loudspeaker stand Product Portfolio

Loudspeaker stand Model 9

Model 9 is a steel stand with a weight just below 20kg per stand. The steel is 10mm thick in order to support even the largest speakers. The elegant design makes this stand a modern style icon that feels at home in all types of environments.

The Model 9 is available in two colors variants:

  • Black painted steel
  • White painted steel

Height: 720mm

The stand is very stable as the bottom foot print is as much as 300x300mm. Model 9 also has a cable handling system integrated into the back of the stand.

Top plate has the measures 230x170mm.