walnut shelves and corner pillars in black anodized aluminum

Radius corner-pillars are made from the finest Swedish Aluminum extrusion and beautifully anodized in either deep black or satin silver finish.

The construction is extremely stable because of the large pillar and high density shelf boards are using a self-stabilizing fixture that makes the rack very rigid.

The choice of Aluminum and extensive internal bracing provides for a very favorable weight/stiffness ratio and a non ringing design.



Three different size of shelves are available, 680; 1000 and 1270mm and four well chosen pillar lengths, namely 65,5; 150; 234,5 and 319 mm. Radius can in this way be tailor made to your needs and wishes. If that was still not good enough, we are making custom pillar lengths between 30-650 mm.

Radius standard racks are available in ten different sizes from 680 mm to 2180 mm length, seven different shelf variants and two different pillar colors, the choice is yours.

Radius Product Portfolio

Cinema 3

Width: 1000mm

Depth: 500mm

Height: 545mm

Maximum load/shelf: 50kg

Width between pillars:

  • Front pillars: 835mm
  • Back pillars: 380mm (in the case the center pillar is used)

Distance between shelves: 234mm and 115mm (can be assembled in any order)

Center back pillar is only needed when the load is more than 40kg