Rack of Silence

Rack of Silence Reference 4 with tables in walnut

The Rack of Silence design is extremely versatile and functional in order to guarantee minimum resonance and vibration. Rack of Silence is available in various wood trim colors as well as black or silver anodized aluminium extrusions. The Rack of Silence comes almost complete pre-assembled, ensuring a quick and easy installation of the sound system. The Apparatus Support system is made of extruded aluminum that is effectively resonance controlled by the fact that both sides are coated with acrylic glass and insulated from the wooden strut with a cork lined underside, even the top is cork lined and offers the apparatus a scratch resistant as well as a resonance-free surface to be placed on.

Rack of Silence can be ordered in eight different sizes. The Reference line has integrated an efficient isolation system meanwhile the Regular line is without.

Rack of Silence Product Portfolio

Cable Clamp for Hybrid and Rack of Silence

The "Cable Clamp" for Hybrid and Rack of Silence will organaize and hide any cable very efficiently behind the posts of the rack.

No need to dismantle anything, just push in a screw feedthrough in the track on the Hybrid or Rack of Silence corner pillars and then add the clamp and fix it with a screw.
The Clamp is made of soft steel and can hold any cable up to 35mm in diameter.
See instruction movie here:


In each package of Cable Clamp are 5 pcs of cable clamps included.