Bridge of Silence 2.0

Bridge of Silence 2.0

Solid Tech Bridge of Silence 2.0 is developed to increase the clarity of the sound.

The Bridge of Silence is made of concrete that is both heavy in order to keep the cable straight and an irregular compound that reduces static, boosting performance of purity and clarity.

  • Reduced Interference: Placing cables directly on the floor or in contact with surfaces can lead to interference from vibrations and electromagnetic fields. Cable lifters elevate the cables, reducing the chance of interference and preserving signal integrity.
  • Improved Airflow: Elevating cables can improve airflow around them, which will prevent heat buildup and potential degradation of signal quality over time.
  • Prevention of Cable Damage: Keeping cables off the floor will prevent them from being stepped on or snagged, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring longevity.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Cable lifters will contribute to a cleaner and more organized appearance in an audio setup, especially if cables need to be routed across a room or around furniture.
  • Sonic Benefits: Cable lifters will improve sound quality by minimizing vibrations and interference, elevated cables result in a cleaner and more detailed sound reproduction. Cables situated on the floor are affected by external and internal vibrations that decreases the sounds purity and clearness. By using the Bridge of Silence 2.0 the cables are uphold on a high-quality o-ring that reduces the external and internal vibrations to a minimum,

Technical details:

  • Sold in pairs
  • Weight: 0,65kg/pc
  • Dimensions: 165x82x80mm (LxWxH