Cable Rack 645mm height

Cable Rack 645mm height

Picture: Cable rack with 645mm black corner pillars, black top lid, 4x black cable carrier, black Feet-kit

Also available in the following configurations:

  • Heights: 875, 645, 325, 250mm (custom length is also possible)
  • Pillars colors: black or silver pillars
  • Top lid: black or white
  • Cable carrier: black or silver
  • Feet kit: extrusion with black feet or silver extrusions with silver feet

Cable carriers included:

  • 875mm height pillars: 4 units
  • 645mm height pillars: 3 units
  • 325mm height pillars: 2 units
  • 250mm height pillars: 1 unit

Extra cable carriers are available as extra accessory.