Rack of Silence Top Table Large in veneers

Rack of Silence Top Table Large in veneers

Large top table for Rack of Silence in veneers

Using tables on top of the apparatus support seems to be increasingly popular. The rack will in this way have a more traditional rack look. Solid Tech introduces mow both small tables as well as large top tables in veneers to extend the already existing black and white tables.

The large top tables are made of a sandwich board that have been veneered in oak, black oak, walnut and cherry. The sandwich board consists of 4 layers:

  • Layer 1: thin sheet of cork on the top to avoid any potential ringing in the table
  • Layer 2: MDF
  • Layer 3: Porous damp layer that will absorb and remove resonance in the table
  • Layer 4: MDF

The large top shelf has a thickness of 24mm width of 527mm and  a length of 705mm.

The board has been tested by letting a 9,8g steel ball be dropped 50 cm above the sandwich board and compared with a standard MDF board. The result is described in below table:

Test object Peak value (dB) Peak average over 3 seconds (dB)
Sandwich board 109,7 dB 73,9 dB
Standard MDF board 119,9 dB 87,1 dB

From the result one can read that the sandwich board basically damp with 10-13dB compared to a standard MDF board.

The large top tables have a limitation of load as it is placed on top of the corner pillars of the Rack of Silence. The maximum load is 50kg. If further load is required it is recommended to place the uppermost rack shelf just beneath it and use the apparatus support to assist the support of the table. In this way the maximum load can be increased to 160kg.